Monday, August 27, 2012

PZ Cussons Nigeria Latest Vacancies, (http://www.pzcussons.com/pzc/working/pzinigeria/vacancies)

 PZ Cussons Nigeria Latest Vacancies, (http://www.pzcussons.com/pzc/working/pzinigeria/vacancies) PZ Cussons Nigeria has grown into one of the most successful, respected and trusted FMCG in the country today. 
The company is moving forward with a strategy which aims at achieving continued growth and success, centring on the development and expansion of key brands in its major markets. 

PZ Cussons offers potential employees the excitement of working in a fast growing FMCG company combined with the benefits of a working environment where employees are able to make a noticeable difference to the development of the business.
The Group values the contribution and commitment of its employees nationally and worldwide and has an active programme of employee communication, enabling people in all operating units to share best practise
Multiple vacancies exist in PZ Cussons Nigeria
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Visit http://www.pzcussons.com/pzc/working/pzinigeria/vacancies , select "All business units", "All States" , "All Locations"  and then Click on "Show vacancies".

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